Top 10 Best Helmet in India 2020 with Price Details

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Top 10 Best Helmet in India 2020 with Price Details

Bike helmets are the first thing that comes into our mind when we talk about safe bike driving. A good quality helmet can save our lives during accidents. At present there are so many high-quality helmets with different stylish designs are available in the Indian market. There are so many helmet brands in India, all look very stylish and strong. Here are the top 10 helmet brands in India.

Top 3 Helmet Picks For You

Steelbird SB-33 7Wings Gust Dashing Open Face Helmet

Steelbird - open Face Helmet








Vega Crux DX Flip-Up Helmet

Vega Helmet








Royal Enfield Off White Open Face with Visor Helmet

Helmet Royal Enfield









Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India 2020


  • Studds Helmets

Studds is one other hottest helmet model in India. These helmets are standard for his or her high quality and kinds.  studd has Two flagship manufacturers they’re Studds helmets and SMK helmets. Studds helmets aren’t solely standard in India they’re standard in extra than 35 nations like Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America and so on.

The standard variants of Studds helmets are Full face helmets, Flip-up full-face helmet, Flip-off full-face helmet, Off street full-face helmet, Open face helmet, sporting helmets, and industrial helmets.

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  • SteelBird Helmets

Steel Bird excessive-tech India Pvt Ltd has manufacturing high-quality helmets for the final 50 years in India. This firm was discovered on 13 March 1964. Steel Bird makes extra dependable helmets at low finances. Steel Bird manufactures varied Two-wheeler equipment like bike jackets, Gloves, Pants, Shoe covers, Instant cooling towels, Guard kits, and leg guards. quite a few the favored variants of Steel Bird helmets are open face helmets, motocross helmets, full-face helmets, flip-up helmets, flip-off helmets, and many others.

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  • LS 2 Helmets

If you are looking for a classy and premium fairly helmets then LS 2 helmets are undoubtedly one among the many easiest choices in the Indian market. LS2 is widespread for its sports activities and summer season assortment helmets. LSI manufactures each open-face and full-face helmets alongside facet different bike equipment. There are quite a few duplicate manufacturers that can be found throughout the market they’re utilizing the identity of LS 2 so at all times purchase LS 2 helmets from reputed sellers.

Buy LS2 Helmets.


  • Royal Enfield Helmets

  • Royal Enfield could also be a United Kingdom-based firm manufactures Two-wheelers.  These Royal Enfield bike helmets are fashionable and comfortable helmets manufactured particularly for Royal Enfield bike riders. If you are a proprietor of a Royal Enfield bike then with none doubt you will purchase Royal Enfield helmets. Most of the favored Royal Enfield helmets are open-faced helmets and seem fashionable whereas using the bike.

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  • Vega Helmets

Vega could also be the number one helmets producer in India. The headquarters of Vega is present in the Belgaum metropolis of Karnataka. Vega helmets are sturdy and fashionable. Therefore, vega makes helmets suitable for every kind of bikes. Vega is offering high-quality helmets to the bike riders in India from the 12 months 1994. If you are looking for a classy and high-quality bike helmets model then Vega model helmets are the only possibility for you. the primary variants of Vega helmets are Vega Cruiser, Vega Verve, Vega Off-Road, Vega Boolean Escape, Vega Cliff and so forth.

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1. ISI Certification

When a product has an ISI mark then it means the product has manufactured in keeping with Indian Standards. the first factor you want to see as soon as you’re shopping for an alternative helmet is whether or not or not it is ISI marked or not. Don’t purchase helmets that don’t have an ISI mark.
Every industrial product which is manufactured in India ought to have an ISI mark given by the Bureau of Indian requirements. Every product contains a distinctive ISI quantity, for bike helmets, it is ISI 4151.


2. Size of the Helmets

The second most important factor we should contemplate whereas shopping for an alternative helmet is whether or not or not it is becoming to our head or not. If the helmet dimension does not suit your head then it will start throughout accidents. typically, helmets can be found in small, medium, massive and extra massive sizes. The right dimension helmet is often vital for higher holding throughout accidents. Here is that the desk of helmet sizes.


3. Full Face vs Open Face

I all the time advocate full-face helmets. Open face helmets might look trendy however they don’t give you full security. the primary intention of using a helmet is defending our head and face from accidents throughout accidents. If we use open face helmets then they will shield you from head accidents, however, they don’t shield you from facial accidents.


4. Availability of Spare Parts

Not solely bikes, however, even helmets additionally can have spare elements. We don’t obtain to alter helmets often due to little difficulty with screws and visors. we’ll get spare screws and visors for bike helmets. a sincere visor provides you higher visibility whereas driving. But after some days, helmet visors might change into blurry due to scratches, therein case, you will change your previous helmet visor with an alternative helmet visor. So shopping for a helmet from fashionable manufacturers makes your work simpler.


5. Brand

Finally, the model, a sincere branded helmet will fulfill all of the above necessities. There are quite a few fashionable branded helmets can be found in India, you will select any of those manufacturers. But all the time purchase your bike helmet from a reputed car store or reputed on-line platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. Don’t take the hazard by shopping for helmets on roadside retailers. Here you will discover the best 10 helmet manufacturers in India that almost all of the youthful technology wish to put on.


6.What Material utilized in Bike Helmets

The outer part of the helmet is fashioned with polycarbonate plastic and center sponge half is fashioned with polystyrene or expanded polyurethane, helmet visors are created from with polycarbonate glass.


7. Does Wearing Helmets Cause Hair Loss

In normal hair fall happens due to genetic issues and well being points, however as per my expertise helmets will not trigger hair loss, however, throughout the finish of the day, the sweat might trigger hair fall but it surely doesn’t have an effect on hair roots. But you must hold your scalp hygiene and hold the internal part of the helmet clear and use branded helmets solely. Always do not forget that hair loss is nothing when it entails saving a life throughout an accident.


8. Does Helmets Comes with Every New Bike

Nowadays many of the bike sellers are offering helmet alongside facet the bike, if you already have a helmet you then want to level out the acquisition invoice of the helmet to the bike seller.


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